Join A Committee

Committees make a valuable contribution to WhitWorth’s operations. The work they do helps to keep our community vibrant, and by augmenting the work done by paid staff, they help to minimize monthly assessments. Our association just wouldn’t be what it is without active and effective committees. They deserve our sincerest thanks.

For our community’s operation to be successful, the association needs to continuously cultivate fresh ideas and opinions. Committees give the board a way to extend its reach deeper into the community and maintain a high level of awareness of what homeowners want and need. They gather information, offer fresh ways of addressing issues, plus they serve as a great training ground for future board members. Your ideas could be just what’s needed to make a committee more effective, so you are encouraged to consider volunteering to become involved in one of them.

WhitWorth has three types of committees:

  • Administrative committees, like the Architectural Review Committee, are set forth our association’s governing documents. They are ongoing, permanent and often have clearly defined powers and authority.

  • Standing committees, such as the Finance Committee and the Long Range Planning Committee, are established by the board for ongoing and specific purposes. These committees generally make recommendations to and act under the supervision and authority of the board.

  • Ad-hoc committees can be formed by the board from time to time to oversee a specific purpose or project, and are generally disbanded after completing a task.

So, if you are inclined to contribute to WhitWorth’s successful operation, you are encouraged to begin your involvement via committee participation. It’s the best way to learn about association functions, plus it’s a great way to get to know your neighbors. Committee participation can also serve as a gateway to increased association involvement as a member of the board of directors.

To learn more, you are encouraged to contact any board member or committee chair.



Board Members

John Bachmann (President)
Kevin Smith (Vice President)
C. T. Thurman (Secretary/Treasurer)
Beth Kelso (Member)
Bill Kenner (Member)
Steve Shapiro (Member)
Douglas Lesky (Member)

Architectural Review Committee

Steve Shapiro (Chair)
Ron Merville (Member)
Brad Jones (Member)
Douglas Lesky (Member)
Jeffrey Steele (Member)
Bill Kenner (Member)
Al Morin (Member)

Grounds Committee
Carol Bachmann (Chair)
Kevin Smith (Board Liaison)
Susan Bradford (Member)
Cathie Sperling (Member)
Cavit Chesier (Member)
Beth Kelso (Member)
Gayle Morin (Member)
Beth Kost (Member)

Finance and Planning Committee

C. T. Thurman (Chair)
Kevin Smith (Member)
Brad Jones (Member)
Wes Allen (Member)
Beth Kelso (Member)
Bill Kenner (Member)
Douglas Lesky (Member)

Welcoming Committee

Pam Kennedy (Chair)
Allen Kennedy (Member)
Shelia Thurman (Member)

Social Committee

Beth Kost (Chair)
Beth Kelso (Board Liaison)


Allen Kennedy (Chair)
Bill Kenner (Board Liaison)